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Customize Your Style…

Click on a design below to create your custom T-shirt! Stay tuned to see more of our customizable designs.

Custom Design Services

Have a gift (a shirt, mug, phone case, etc.) you would like to create or want to make a modification to something you see in the store? Contact us to let us bring your vision to life!

Click Here to Put Your Own Design or Text on a T-Shirt!

Arise and Shine Dare Dreamer: New Phone Cases, Journals, Mugs and More from Envibrance On the Way


Shhh… listen closely. Do you hear that beautiful rhythm resonating from within, orchestrated by an invisible hand? It’s the sound and unseen evidence that you are flowing with potential and purpose, no matter your start or circumstance…

As long as you have breath and a heartbeat you have a calling, a greater reason for being here – to love, to be loved, to flourish and make the world richer, brighter and more colorful and beautiful by being who you were made to be… You were created to create so make time each day to express the story and dreams in your heart! Share hope and joy in full color to inspire the hearts and lives of others. Arise and shine, dear Dreamer – dare to illuminate hope and live out the life you were made for…I believe in you! – Julene, designer and founder of envibrance

P.S. Here’s a little sneak peek of a dream come true, creative gifts including mugs, journals, phone cases and illustrations I’ll be offering soon featuring some of these designs and ones personalized by you! Stay tuned for the new line of customizable gifts and the launch of our design services.

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